Preparing Your Teenager for the Day They Start Driving.

So your teenager is about to start driving. Just the thought of this milestone is enough to strike fear into the heart of even the most laid back parent. Fairfax Auto Repair wants to help you through this letting go process by preparing you and your teenager for the responsibility that comes with driving a car.

Safe Driving Techniques

As tempted as you may be to shut your eyes and hope for the best or scream terrified corrections at them, it is important to relax and focus on constructive advice. Talk to your new driver about the importance of safe driving habits. Something as simple as checking their blind spot could save them from a dangerous collision.

Set rules in place from the very start about speeding and distracted driving. Remind them that no matter how late they are running for school or soccer practise, speeding is never a good idea. And while their cellphones may seem like it is attached to their body, Virginia law prohibits any cell phone use when you are behind the wheel. Take a look at their daily travel routes and discuss safe places to pull over and park if they do need to send a text message or place a call.

Drinking and Driving

In a perfect world, our teenagers would never come into contact with alcohol. Even if you don’t suspect your teenager will partake in the activity make sure they understand that alcohol and driving never mix. Put a plan in place in case they ever find themself in an unsafe situation and let them know how important it is that they never get into a car with a friend who has been drinking.


Be a Role Model

It is easy to forget that our kids are constantly looking to us as a model of how they should behave. That includes when we are behind the wheel. Remember to practice what you preach. You should always buckle up, put your phone down, and avoid letting frustration or road rage get the best of you.

The Importance of Auto Maintenance

While you are teaching your teenager to be a responsible driver you should also be teaching them to be a responsible car owner. Talk to them about general maintenance schedules and when to get their oil changed. Teach them the signs of car problems that should be handled immediately.

We also recommend that you start allowing your teen to be a part of your vehicle maintenance and repair process. The next time you have your car serviced, bring them along. It is even a good idea to have them ask the questions and tell your mechanic what needs to be done.

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The next time you and your teen need to schedule and auto maintenance or repair appointment, call our Auto Repair. Our family-owned full-service auto repair shop is here for all your service and repair needs.